About us - Ethical approach

circle of people

Integra Supported Housing is a registered domicilary care provider. We provide support services for individuals with learning disabilities, which may be mild, moderate or complex.

Integra recognises that services for learning disabilities and mental health should promote inclusion, independence and choice.

Each individuals difficulties are unique; they are personal in the way they present and impact upon the way you manage your life on a daily basis. Your views, beliefs and values are as important as any other person.

A personal approach to planning and delivery of your service is central to our methods. Services are built around you, these services include:
  • Received support in a way that you have decided
  • Receiving support at a time when you want and need it
  • Providing opportunities and activities which promote social inclusion and involvement
  • Support with being part of the community
  • Having access to activities and structure which are values and are embraced by the community
  • Having the opportunity to review and adapt the service you receive to meet your changing needs
  • Exercising desire and control about who you work with
  • Having expectations that the service you receive is consistent, of a high standard and goes beyond the required standard and delivers what you want, when you want it
  • Develop a clear pathway to recovery
  • Receive support in a creative, sensitive and confidential way
  • Robust clinical assessments by trained staff which will lead to meaningful and where possible life transforming outcomes