What we do

At Integra Supported Housing, we collaborate closely with local councils to fulfill a crucial mission: providing housing and compassionate care to society’s most vulnerable individuals. Our focus extends to those with unique needs, including autism and special care requirements. Through dedicated partnerships with local authorities, we strive to create a nurturing environment where every individual, regardless of their challenges, can find a secure and supportive home. Our commitment is to uplift and empower, ensuring that those in our care receive the specialised attention they need to thrive.

Our Services & Who we help

Our assisted living services at Integra are designed to provide support to adults aged 18 or over who may have Autism, Epilepsy, Learning disabilities, behaviours that challenge, or a mental health condition. We understand the unique needs of each individual and tailor our assistance to ensure a comfortable and empowering living experience.

At Integra, our assisted living services are meticulously tailored to provide specialised support and empowerment. We prioritise understanding the unique needs of each individual, crafting a living experience that is both comfortable and empowering. Our commitment extends beyond assistance; it’s about enhancing the quality of life for every person we serve.

Beyond traditional housing, Integra offers supported housing that goes beyond expectations. We provide a supportive community where individuals can thrive. Our approach focuses on creating a home that nurtures well-being, independence, and a sense of belonging.

Recognising the impact of trauma, our trauma-informed care is woven into the fabric of our services. At Integra, we approach care with sensitivity, creating an environment that promotes healing, understanding, and empowerment.

Our commitment extends beyond physical spaces. Through community and home support, we actively engage with residents, fostering connections within and beyond our community. Whether it’s organising activities, providing companionship, or assisting with daily tasks, our support is comprehensive and personalised.

Integra’s floating support services provide flexibility and adaptability to the changing needs of our residents. This dynamic approach ensures that support is not bound by physical constraints, allowing individuals to receive the assistance they require, wherever they are on their journey.

We aspire to be truthful, open, equitable, non-discriminatory, and ethical

We also believe that everyone, regardless of capacity, has the right to a complete and active life, and that everyone has the right to feel respected and included in society. It is our goal to make this happen.

The aim of our person-centred approach is to inspire the people we help. We cultivate a culture that helps everyone to achieve their goals and become as self reliant as possible through effective incorporation into the group.

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The Synergy Project...

Discover Integra Care Group’s Synergy Project, a unique initiative designed to foster connections and enhance the lives of individuals with learning disabilities and special needs. Through a variety of engaging activities, we create opportunities for meaningful interactions, skill-building, and fun. Click the button bellow to learn more about the positive impact of shared moments and building a strong sense of community.

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What others have to say

Great work ethic, amazing team and kind positive staff. Worked for Integra as a temp employee. Their way of working to support service users was different to other care companies. Always helping the service user and assisting the support worker in meaningful ways. I've seen hard-working staff in the office and at our sites, working overtime to make sure all sites are running. Good 2 weeks training for all new staff members.

Any minor complaints were immediately dealt with, and escalations are well looked after. I've seen many happy service users, speaking to them over the phone and at sites. The support workers were also friendly and helpful. Didn't encounter anyone who was merely negative or upset with Integra. Overall Yes!

Lakhy B
Temp Employee

They have helped me overcome so many challenging things since I've moved in and the staff team are fantastic couldn't ask for a better staff team

Chloe Gutteridge
Service User

Fantastic service dedicated to changing people's lives. Accommodation is first class, training and ongoing development for all staff who are passionate about their role and service delivery.

Clare Musgrove
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