Our Top Priority

At Integra Supported Housing our top priority is to ensure that people with autism spectrum conditions have the same ability to live happy and fulfilled lives as everyone else.

We make sure that the people in our care feel secure in their surroundings, that they are heard, and that they can communicate effectively. Most significantly, we enable the individuals in our care to effectively progress to a world with the right help and assistance.

Integra Supported Housing has over 25 years of experience in ensuring the best possible results for individuals with autism who may display behaviours that challenge.

We aim to develop and reach crucial developmental milestones and influence individuals live their best lives.

Some key methods in how we can assist, support and help others.

Sensory Solutions
Behavior Management Strategies
Supporting Social Skills
Speech and Communication Skills
Motor Planning and Cognitive Skills
ADHD and Common Comorbidities
Autism Strengths and Capabilities
Understanding Diagnosis
Safety and Social Boundaries
Sleep Solutions
Diet and Nutrition

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist the individuals we serve in developing life skills and progressing through their care pathway to achieve greater independence, in addition to our interventions to eliminate maladaptive behaviours.

Our residential services provide residents with a structured and efficient care pathway provided in environments that foster comfort, protection, continuity, and understanding – all of which are important for people living with autism and the difficulties that come with it.

For more information

For more information on our services and how we can help, please contact our support team on 01902 858131 or email.

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