Our Top Priority

At Integra Supported Housing our top priority is to ensure that people with acquired brain injury have the same ability to live happy and fulfilled lives as everyone else.

We make sure that the people in our care feel secure in their surroundings, that they are heard, and that they can communicate effectively.

Most significantly, we enable the individuals in our care to effectively progress to a world with the right help and assistance.

About Acquired Brain Injury

ABI has a negative impact on the rights, options, and independence of an estimated 500,000 young people and adults in the United Kingdom.

When the brain is affected, people can exhibit symptoms similar to those seen in people with mental illness, dementia, or learning disabilities. As a result, they are often bound by the same regulations, such as the Mental Health Act and the Adults with Incapacity Act.

Acquired brain damage may result from a traumatic event, such as a car accident, or from certain conditions, such as a brain tumour or a stroke.

For more information

For more information on our services and how we can help, please contact our support team on 01902 858131 or email.

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